Team Die Hard/210 Fishing & Saltwater Savages Present: 

5thAnnual Fishing for Autism Tournament


We would like to thank you for helping spread autism awareness. Autism receives less than 5% of research funding of many less prevalent childhood diseases. Autism affects 1 in 88 children and 1 in 54 boys. Welcome back for every angler that has joined us before and welcome to all new anglers.


Please read all the RULES, PHOTO REQUIERMENTS and information for each DIVISONprior to starting the tournament. It is the anglers’ responsibility to understand all the rules and requirements of this event. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. It is a third-degree felony in Texas to attempt to cheat in any fishing tournament. Any violators will be reported to the proper authorities. 


Tournament dates have been set from April 26, 2019-April 28, 2019. Registration/weigh in location will be at The Packery Channel Boat Ramp parking lot on Zahn Rd in Corpus Christi, TX.All participants must abide by all TPWD Rules and Regulations. You will need your valid TPWD fishing license with all applicable saltwater stamps, follow all State of Texas Rules & Regulations, and have valid Identification card or driver’s license with picture, with an exception of 17 and younger. Fishing will take place on open waters. Surf, bay, piers, and jetties are permitted. Kayaks and boats will also be permitted. Our shark division is land based and CPR ONLY. Boundaries for the shark division will be from South Jetties in Port Aransas to South of Bob Hall right before PINS North sticks. You may NOT fish any state or nationalparks. Any protests must be submitted to tournament officials in writing with 20 minutes after the winners have been announced.If you have any questions regarding these areas please contact us for more information. 

All entries are non-refundable. 


Check in will begin on April 26th@5PM-12AM, 27th8AM-12AM, 28th8AM-12noon. Followed by award ceremony at 4PM. Location will be at the Packery Channel Boat Ramp. Look for the Team Die Hard/210 Fishing/Saltwater Savages flags and canopy tents in the parking lot. 

You may begin fishing at 5:01PM once you have checked in and gathered packet items. You CANNOThave lines in the water prior to checking in. Participants will be disqualified. Catch submissions will be taking place at our Packery Channel Boat Ramp location. You can submit your catch at the same hours listed above for registration which is when there will be someone available to judge your catch. NO frozen fish will be accepted. Deadline is set for Sunday, April 28 at 3PM. Followed by award ceremony at 4PM.


All fish division

Allfish must be caught on human powered rod and reel. Absolutely NO oversized red or drum! A net may be used to land non-shark related catches.

Red fish-Minimum of 20 inches and not greater than 28 inches.

Trout-Minimum of 15 inches and not greater than 25 inches.

Black Drum-Minimum of 14 inches and not greater than 30 inches.

Flounders-Minimum of 14 inches and no maximum on length.

In the event of a tie, length will determine the winner followed by girth.

Fish must be brought in for weigh in, no photos will be required for these categories. Absolutely no frozen fish will be accepted. 


Kids Division 

We will accept any fish but sharks, rays, or oversized fish. Parents will be allowed to help by holding the rod but will not be able to touch the reel at all. We will also need video proof of the child reeling in the fish to ensure that the child did reel in the fish and not the parents. It is your responsibility that we are able to download the video at check in site. If we are unable to download the video your catch will not be entered. Cell phones will be accepted for kid’s division but you must have all proper accessories to do so. We are not responsible for that.


Shark Division: 



All catches must be caught on human powered rod and reel. All catches must be successfully caught and released. Rope can be used to assist in the landing of your SHARK catch only to be used by looping around the tail. Participants may ONLYget help landing their shark, angler must fight his/her own shark. Assistance taking rod off the tower to ground is allowed without cranking the reel. Only anglers in the shark division are allowed to deploy their own bait or other anglers in the shark divisions baits. Bait deployment will only be allowed by casting, kayak, zodiac, jet ski and swimming your baits out. Game fish may NOT be used for bait. Work as fast as possible to ensure the survival of the shark. Catch, tag (if possible) PHOTO and RELEASE. Any fish harvested and not released successfully will NOT count as an entry for this tournament. All catches must be photographed with ruler provided. DO NOT delete any photos taken on your camera during the tournament. You will need your three measurements with photo which will be: snout to fork, snout to upper lobe and girth. See photo examples provided. Take multiple photos to aid in the verification process. You the angler must assure to have the correct photos and tools for us to download your pictures. A minimum of 5-megapixel camera with removable memory card is needed. Please make sure your camera has the correct time and date set. Remove all photos prior to the event and bring all necessities for your camera. No cell phones pictures will be accepted, no exceptions.